Monthly Tarotscope

January 2019

Aries Icon


21st March - 19th April

Fate lends a hand! You find yourself in the right place, at the right time and need to capitalise on all the universe offers. It's time to move on with confidence but let nobody take advantage of you either with time, money or possessions. You have a wealth of knowledge and experience to hand which help you deal with any challenges that arise. You're encouraged to take the less obvious route to achieve your goals.

Thought for 2019: Keep hope alive as life improves and slowly joy returns.

Taurus Icon


20th April - 20th May

Rest and recuperate! This isn't the time to be burning the candle at both ends. It's imperative you take time to recharge your batteries. Medical issues need attention, do not prevaricate. You're at the threshold of a new phase and new information changes your perspective on events. Trust your gut instinct. Fortunately, you're in the right place, at the right time to deal with unfolding events. There's more than one way to navigate challenges arising.

Thought for 2019: You hold you back; no one else. No more excuses!

Gemini Icon


21st May - 20th June

One scenario concludes successfully and you start the year on a high. Sadly, not everybody shares your joy and there could be some feelings of resentment from others. Don't let this get you down. This is your time to shine. A small, seemingly insignificant, opportunity arrives and you're encouraged not to dismiss it out of hand. It's the start of something big which touches your very soul. Make the most of this wonderful new beginning.

Thought for 2019: Trust that, with effort, you can achieve anything you want.

Cancer Icon


21st June - 22nd July

Make your wishes known as someone is listening. Enjoy feelings of happiness and contentment and take some time for yourself. Finances can give cause for concern but with effort and attention to detail you will survive. For now apply yourself. This is no time for doubt as this only hampers your progress. Beware someone with a hidden agenda. You do have the strength, courage and wisdom to stand up to them. Make sure you do.

Thought for 2019: Be bold and trust your instincts. They guide you well.

Leo Icon


23rd July - 22nd August

Any commitments may require you compromise but remain true to yourself or there will be repercussions further down the line. A new undertaking starts to unfold and although it involves a degree of luck you need to rely on your wit and wisdom to see you succeed. Lessons from the past assist your decisions and you're encouraged to read between the lines of any new propositions. Careful planning and attention to detail are required now.

Thought for 2019: Nurturing yourself and others opens doors to reaping rich rewards.

Virgo Icon


23rd August - 22nd September

A new year and a new cycle is underway. Slowly but surely luck gathers momentum and finally matters begin to show improvement. You're eager to be on your way and family and friends support you wholeheartedly in new ventures. Readily accept invitations to be out and about as these will bring happiness and lift your mood. One situation continues to give cause for concern. Let it go completely or it will always drag you down.

Thought for 2019: Unforeseen changes put you on the right path. Embrace them.

Libra Icon


23rd September - 22nd October

Be patient and rest assured this storm will pass. You're being tested to the limit but need to persevere in order to reach a successful conclusion. Property matters demand your attention be it a change of residence or improvements and, for some, an inheritance is possible. Be open, honest and fair in all your dealings keeping in mind the words 'As ye sow so shall ye reap'. Paying calm attention to all details pays off.

Thought for 2019: Karma ensures balance. Good and bad are repaid equally.

Scorpio Icon


23rd October - 21st November

There's a feeling that you're over the worst of it now as things start to calm down. Time to be realistic regarding where you go next then make your move. You're given the opportunity to make a connection, or reconnect, with somebody who speaks the same language as you mentally, physically and spiritually. This is a strong, mutually beneficial partnership which sparks a flame within you. Chances like this do not come along every day.

Thought for 2019: The end of one story sees a new one begin.

Sagittarius Icon


22nd November - 21st December

Someone, somewhere may be spinning a yarn. Is it you? This needs to stop as is favours nobody. Proceed with caution and pay attention to your intuition it serves you well. Not everything is as it seems. Be honest and circumspect in your dealings and ensure others treat you in a like manner. Business and career benefit from additional learning so investigate available courses. Ultimately it swells the coffers and sees a more satisfying future.

Thought for 2019: Have faith that hopes and dreams can become a reality.

Capricorn Icon


22nd December - 19th January

Male influences figure strongly now. A father figure offers advice and a helping hand. Listen carefully to what he has to say and consider what he offers as, ultimately, this can see a successful outcome. Be sure to pay attention! A younger man aids finance and business but without the benefit of experience could be unrealistic on occasions. Past issues resurface and this time you're better prepared for the encounter. Patience will be required though.

Thought for 2019: Nurture everyone and everything and see this repaid with interest.

Aquarius Icon


20th January - 18th February

You're in the mood to change just about anything and everything and can't wait to get started. A word of caution though, do your research thoroughly before committing to anything drastic, otherwise you could trip yourself up. Keeping fit ensures you have the stamina to cope with forthcoming changes and you're encouraged to get mind, body and soul in balance. A methodical, rational approach, together with a sprinkling of patience works wonders. You've been warned!

Thought for 2019: Expect the unexpected but know changes are for the better.

Pisces Icon


19th February - 20th March

Something gives worry and cause for concern. Home and family appear to be going well and, by rights, you ought to be celebrating your achievements. Life has been tough recently but you should now be moving towards a much calmer place. If this hasn't happened yet it soon will. Part of the problem could be you're waiting for the next ‘issue' to arise. These feelings pass and your confidence returns allowing you, finally, to relax.

Thought for 2019: Fate steps in to ensure you get back on track.