About Karen

Karen Glazier

Karen has been interested in all things Spiritual ever since she can remember and started working with the Tarot cards way back in the early 1970s.

She was fortunate to meet a lady, a traditional Tarot Card Reader, who taught and guided Karen on her journey to become a Tarot card reader in her own right.

Since that time the world of Spiritualism and Universal Energy has opened up more and more and Karen has been guided to qualify as a Feng Shui Practitioner, a Reiki Master, and an Equine and Small Animal Reiki Practitioner.

With the Tarot cards, Karen has an empathy and very much loves, and feels at home with the cards and the messages they bring. She feels that they assist her greatly on her journey through life and uses them daily for herself and her family.

These cards have been used for thousands of years by countless cultures and peoples – they continue to have a resonance today and Karen believes they can be applied to your own personal set of circumstances to give you direction on life's path.

She also applies the principles of Feng Shui into her home and daily life, harnessing the positive, harmonious, vibrations of our planet and nature, and calls on the assistance of Numerology to enhance the experience.

Add into this mix the beautiful, positive, healing energy of Reiki and crystals – and include lots of animals – and that pretty much sums up a day in Karens life.

As well as Tarot Card readings and Reiki Therapy Karen offers to teach these subjects. With the cards you can learn either by yourself, on a one to one basis or, if you would prefer, with a friend. Learning Reiki is best learned with a friend or someone with the same interest. You will gain so much more from the experience. The emphasis in both areas is very much on learning in a relaxed environment at your own pace and enjoying yourself.

For private or group readings or Reiki treatment with Karen, or if you would like to learn to read the cards or Reiki for yourself, please do not hesitate to contact her using the details given on the contact page.


“Thank you Karen for your very professional reading of the Tarot cards. I was completely enthralled by your detailed explanations of the Major Arcana cards and their significance coupled with the other Tarot cards and their meanings. I came away with a very positive feeling about the whole experience and look forward to my next reading in a couple of months' time. I wish you well and look forward to seeing you soon.” - SB, Rotherham

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