What is Reiki?

Reiki stones and candles

Quite simply; Reiki is a force of natural energy otherwise known as the Universal Life Force. It’s natures way of aiding physical and emotional healing and achieving balance within yourself. A positive force, which benefits humans and animals alike, Reiki can only be used for good – it cannot cause harm.

Developed in 1922, by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui, Reiki was subsequently brought to the west by Hawayo Takata, a lady of humble beginnings, who rose to become the Grand Master of Reiki. It’s now acknowledged as a beneficial treatment worldwide increasing in popularity daily.

As a qualified Reiki Master/Teacher of the Usui lineage, Karen would be pleased to share this wonderful system of natural healing with you and let you experience the many benefits it brings.

A half hour treatment will open up the opportunity of bring peace, calm, and total relaxation into your life allowing you to leave cares, stress and worries behind.

It's a very gentle, warm, tranquil experience as you listen to soothing music, enjoy the soft light of scented candles and feel the Reiki energy softly flowing through your body.

An initial consultation will take approximately one hour as Karen will sit and discuss your treatment with you before you start your amazing journey.

If you would like a Reiki Treatment with Karen please contact her using the form on the contact page. She looks forward to meeting and working with you.

Please Note: Reiki is a Complementary Therapy and is not a diagnostic tool. If you have a medical condition you must see your GP or local hospital.