Monthly Tarotscope

May 2017

Aries Icon


21st March - 19th April

Stand proud and know that you're exactly where you need to be, doing exactly what you need to be doing, and, in the company of exactly the right people. It has the feel good factor about it. You're at the beginning of a new chapter in life. New ideas come to you and, although they will be small to begin with they, have the potential to grow and take on a life of their own.

Taurus Icon


20th April - 20th May

Look closely at what you have and try to appreciate the good things. You seem to be dissatisfied with your lot and are feeling restless. The prospect for adventure beckons, either physically or mentally, and it really appeals. Whatever it is, you may find your way blocked for the time being. Don't worry, this will not last. You're just being asked to prepare for a change of direction. You'll soon be on your way again.

Gemini Icon


21st May - 20th June

Get your running shoes on. This month is going at a pace. Messages come in thick and fast and everybody wants to spend time with you. Plenty to celebrate and happy times abound. Take care not to burn yourself out. There's a chance you could leave yourself feeling jaded and worried about some of the things you find out. Make some time for you and take some rest. You'll soon have those worries under control.

Cancer Icon


21st June - 22nd July

Take care with your wishes. The universe is bestowing gifts and it's a powerful month. But remember, the prettiest box with the biggest bow may prove disappointing when opened. The smaller box could contain a priceless pearl which started life as no more than a grain of sand. Like you, that grain has taken a long time to evolve into something of great value. It's been hard work but finally it's starting to pay off.

Leo Icon


23rd July - 22nd August

The start of the month sees you in a bit of a tangle but it's nothing that you can't free yourself from. You're not in possession of all the facts as yet. Wait. Take your time before you decide on any course of action. An invitation is issued that may not be all that it seems. Read the small print before committing to anything. A holiday at the months end gives you a well-earned breather.

Virgo Icon


23rd August - 22nd September

Who makes your life complete? Tell them. It's not much good hoping that all will turn out fine. It's down to you. What's holding you back? Other than you? Come on – get a grip! The modern saying is “Snooze and you Loose”. This applies to you this month! If you value it – fight for it. Quite simple really! Yes, it may involve stepping outside your comfort zone – get over yourself! MOVE before it's too late!

Libra Icon


23rd September - 22nd October

Renovations at home are likely and although DIY seems a good idea and could save you cash, calling in a professional may make more sense in the long run. Once the work is out of the way there's the chance to spend time in the company of your family enjoying the fruits of someone's labours. Perhaps a bit early but a BBQ could be just the thing. Mid-month sees an exciting invitation come your way.

Scorpio Icon


23rd October - 21st November

On the face of it all seems well but is that really the case? You're feeling a little trapped and the constant need to put on a show for the rest of the world is giving you more than one or two headaches. Try spending some time outdoors and give yourself breathing space. By the end of the month someone older and wiser is able to give advice. You may not like what they say.

Sagittarius Icon


22nd November - 21st December

The decision is yours and it's coming to a point where you may have to stand your ground. Use your own judgement and do not be swayed by others. In the meantime keep your thoughts to yourself for the time being. Someone around does not have your best interests at heart and you'd better be on your guard to prevent difficulties further on. Happily, this phase will pass and you'll soon find yourself bouncing back.

Capricorn Icon


22nd December - 19th January

Tears and joy in equal measure this month but don't be put off. You're being offered a wonderful opportunity to cut away that which is no longer of value and start afresh. Be determined. Focus on what you want and give thought to how you're best going to achieve it. Then get going. Family provide support and comfort. An interesting proposition comes your way but read the small print before you sign up to anything.

Aquarius Icon


20th January - 18th February

Don't let emotions get the better of you. Find a quiet place and take care of you. Let the rest of the world get on with it. New ideas come to the fore but allow them to mature before taking action. These will pay off in the long run but you need to be patient in the initial stages. The end of the month finds you in a more settled mood and stronger than before.

Pisces Icon


19th February - 20th March

You're contemplating the future and what to do next. For the moment do nothing, have patience and let ideas manifest. Then let them mature. Your instinct will tell you exactly the right move to make and when to make it. Now isn't a good time. A place in the sun beckons and the break would do you good. Towards the months end stretching yourself, physically and mentally, will prepare you for moving forward with confidence.