Monthly Tarotscope

May 2020

Aries Icon


21st March - 19th April

Using your head over your heart is the main theme. There are struggles and some upsets but remaining focused and relying on hard logic will see you through. Career and relationships are the noteworthy areas but maybe it’s a case of letting go of some things which no longer serve a purpose for you. Beware of emotional blackmail from one source. Be strong, determined and resolute. Don’t let sentiment overwhelm you and hold you back.

Taurus Icon


20th April - 20th May

You’ll be all things to all people. From offering advice and assistance on business and career topics to being THE shoulder to cry on in all matters emotional. The plus side to this is an acknowledgement of your talent, skills and wisdom. Clearly, you sit at the top of the success tree. Beware though. There’s a price to pay and you could ended up exhausted. Plenty of rest is paramount. Deal with health issues promptly.

Gemini Icon


21st May - 20th June

An interesting proposition comes along and could be worth investigation. But if love is involved proceed with caution. Otherwise teamwork is key and co-operation brings the best results. Moving home for some is a must whilst others need pay attention if someone tries to take something they’re not entitled to. One situation reaches a conclusion and you have to live with the outcome. If it hasn’t gone your way all you can be is accepting.

Cancer Icon


21st June - 22nd July

Time to decide. It’s not going to be an easy choice but decide you must in order to move forward. The good news is once you’ve reached your conclusions and passed judgement you’ll feel a lot lighter in spirit and your energies increase. New opportunities come your way and although you shouldn’t resist change make sure you look well before you leap. Is a wedding in the air? Warm climates beckon and life feels good.

Leo Icon


23rd July - 22nd August

You’ll need to be spontaneous and act fast to make the most of current trends. That said don’t become engaged in wishful thinking. The decisions you reach and the opportunities you take depend on you being realistic and calculating. Anything else leads to later issues. Read the small print ensuring you know EXACTLY what you’re signing up for. There’s an element of you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours and one favour etc...

Virgo Icon


23rd August - 22nd September

Communications come thick and fast bringing with them an urgency to act. The ability to think on your feet helps but on more than one occasion you find yourself in the right place, at the right time, to capitalise on events before you. Business and finance grow and not before time. Women happily offer assistance as they will you to succeed. Heed their words and benefit from the wisdom of their experience. Your light’s shining!

Libra Icon


23rd September - 22nd October

You’re your own worst enemy. The only person holding you back is you. Let go of past hurts or imagined failures and stride forward with purpose and determination. You’re more capable than you think. Time for some serious rest and relaxation. Anything burning the candle at both ends needs to go. You have this month to recharge your batteries and tend to medical issues. Then stick to your own standards and principles and move forward.

Scorpio Icon


23rd October - 21st November

Plans move forward and start to gather momentum but beware that, in some instances, you will need to revisit some decisions. Patience is required. That said major changes are underway with the potential for one member of your group to be thinking of moving away from you and following their own path. New opportunities arrive but acting in haste muddies the waters and could leave you with plenty to sift through at a later stage.

Sagittarius Icon


22nd November - 21st December

Balance is key. Whether it’s balancing the books, bringing your mind, body and spirit into harmony, or ensuring your relationships are fair and equal, then you need to pay attention to the detail. Don’t be tempted to compromise for the sake of a quiet life as that leads to issues further down the line but don’t use bullying tactics to get your own way either. Solutions will be found and your spirits start to lift.

Capricorn Icon


22nd December - 19th January

On the whole a positive month. Obstacles and challenges faced start to disappear giving the chance to succeed. Plans previously put on hold should, slowly but surely, come back into play and you can move forward with confidence. For some foreign travel is suggested whilst for others wedding plans are to the fore. Perhaps a mixture of both? A word of warning though. Someone lets you down unexpectedly. Don’t let it knock you off course.

Aquarius Icon


20th January - 18th February

Balance, finance, hard work, legal matters and karma look set to dominate. For some it will work out really well for others not quite so. Pay attention to all detail. However small and insignificant it may seem this could be the key to achieving a better outcome. Beware though that results will reflect past actions be they good or bad. Whatever the outcome accept it. Drawing a line and moving on is the only way.

Pisces Icon


19th February - 20th March

Money, work and concerns for the future give you plenty to think about. Be patient but willing to put in some hard graft and you will reap the rewards. You’re known for your skills and application to fine detail and this sees you well placed. New job? Self-employment could be an option. New people and new places come into focus and your confidence in your own ability grows. Move forward with optimism, enthusiasm, and energy.