Monthly Tarotscope

May 2024

Aries Icon


21st March - 19th April

Go with the flow safe in the knowledge that the natural order is about to change and you will end up in a much better place. Following a period of stagnation good news comes in. Suddenly you’re moving forward at speed. You’ll need to think on your feet occasionally but your inner knowledge guides you well. Future security needs some thought to ensure the foundations of your life are built on a rock solid base.

Taurus Icon


20th April - 20th May

You’ve good reason to stand tall and be proud. You’ve proved that your words and actions were right. No need to show off though as that doesn’t win you friends. The downside is someone insists on carrying on an old argument and will want the last say. Your word can, certainly, be final; but that word could result in burning one bridge at least and have consequences. Think long and hard before striking the match.

Gemini Icon


21st May - 20th June

A positive month with the potential for much joy and happiness; providing you find balance in all things. Finance, property, and how you spend your time, can all come into the equation. You might find yourself robbing Peter to pay Paul and, financially, may feel you’re walking a tightrope but know it all works out in the end. Some endeavours require the input of others and you’ll need to accept their decisions with good grace.

Cancer Icon


21st June - 22nd July

Your birthday month starts with the advice that two heads are better than one; or are they? Some plans remain in their infancy and you need to think through the possibilities and their consequences. Do not let this lead you to sleepless nights. You’ll be good to neither man nor beast if you do.  There’s much to achieve moving forward and the sooner you start the sooner you finish. Female medical issues could cause concern.

Leo Icon


23rd July - 22nd August

A sense of weariness overtakes you as you continue to work towards your goals. Keep going! This is the final push towards getting where you want to be. You anticipate future security of home and family and consider what needs doing, and how to do it, in order to maintain the status quo. Don’t be afraid to share the workload. Others are just as capable as you and should take up some of the burden.

Virgo Icon


23rd August - 22nd September

An element of good fortune surrounds you and what was once down is now on an upward trajectory. This is the start of positive changes for you. Potentially you find yourself drawn to more spiritual pursuits and this does no harm. Your inner wisdom can be relied upon to guide you well as new doors open up to you. Certainly celebrations are to be had either for yourself or an invitation to celebrate others. Enjoy! 

Libra Icon


23rd September - 22nd October

Is someone putting you under too much pressure? You do have options; you can, and probably should, walk away. This is not being defeatist but offers the opportunity to regroup. You’ll come back so much stronger! Where possible look to how you can build for a more secure future for yourself and those you love. It may take a little time and effort but, eventually, you’ll stand out from the crowd in a positive way.

Scorpio Icon


23rd October - 21st November

A change of residence? Whatever adventure you’re contemplating is on the horizon; and it’s going to be a blast. You cannot wait to start! This is so overdue; but before you go anywhere you need to be patient for a little while longer. The basics need covering first and you must get yourself organised. Planning, with particular attention being paid to all detail, is key here. There’s much to look forward to but be prepared.

Sagittarius Icon


22nd November - 21st December

Something from the past returns with an offer that brings back memories and rekindles past emotions. Be aware that you’re a different person now and what was applicable then may not be applicable now. You, and times, have changed and moved on. Know there are opportunities ahead for new ways of doing things which have some resonance in the past. A woman of wit, wisdom, and means champions your cause. Listen carefully to her advice.

Capricorn Icon


22nd December - 19th January

Something new touches your very soul making you feel like this is where you truly belong. You’d be wise though to keep one foot on the ground and assess the reality of events. Not everything is as it seems and a haze of uncertainty encompasses you. Let life unfold naturally and eventually you’ll see, clearly, the way forward. You can follow this path with confidence. Ultimately, you’ll find yourself in a happy, comfortable, contented place.

Aquarius Icon


20th January - 18th February

Not the easiest of months but, providing your head rules your heart, you will find yourself moving in the right direction. Female issues of a medical nature require attention sooner than later if only for peace of mind. One situation requires work and effort and, much as you’d rather not, you’re advised to roll your sleeves up and crack on. The sooner you start the sooner you finish. Recourse to a professional body may help.

Pisces Icon


19th February - 20th March

Life is a little uncertain and the way forward unclear. Relax and wait for the fog to lift before making any irrevocable decisions as not everything is at it appears. Your inner knowing is finely tuned and can be relied upon as can someone older, and wiser, who offers a listening ear and provides emotional support. That’s all they’ll provide though! Before long you’re on your way again with decisions made and plans in place.