Monthly Tarotscope

July 2018

Aries Icon


21st March - 19th April

Materially and financially things start to improve but you need to show generosity towards others. What goes around comes around and a sharing attitude stands you in good stead for future benefits. One or two difficult decisions need to be made and, potentially, someone feels they're due more than they're getting. Is this really the case? Figuring it all out depletes your energy levels but take your time and persevere. A just outcome is achievable.

Taurus Icon


20th April - 20th May

Make time for yourself and invest in some serious relaxation before you burn yourself out completely. Others love and respect you for who you are and show their gratitude for past help. Accept this with good grace. Some things reach an impasse but don't let this cause frustration. You're being given the opportunity for rest before life takes over and the pace picks up again. Use this period to review past events from all angles.

Gemini Icon


21st May - 20th June

Something's giving you a few sleepless nights and this isn't helping you think straight. Avoid going on a downward spiral. Seek the guidance of a trusted friend as they know you well and help you back onto the right path. You question your beliefs but know deep down what's right and what's not. Be true to yourself as not doing so leads to more problems later on. Be flexible and prepared to change plans quickly.

Cancer Icon


21st June - 22nd July

Good news comes your way but brings with it the need for action. It's not all down to you though and you shouldn't feel the need to shoulder all of the responsibility. Sharing the workload is the only way. Someone in authority notices your efforts and provides you with all the support you need both physically and emotionally. Pay particular attention to back and shoulder issues. It may be stress related but seek appropriate advice.

Leo Icon


23rd July - 22nd August

Time spent outdoors connecting to nature is your best option. It seems as though one situation has left you feeling trapped with no immediate resolution apparent. Don't become a martyr to circumstances and shut yourself away. Given time the situation will resolve itself but for now gather your inner resources and, looking after YOU, keep going. Beware of those around you as someone isn't who they say they are and won't do you any favours.

Virgo Icon


23rd August - 22nd September

Your caring nature draws others close and your wise council and attention to detail are much in demand. Your kindness and empathy know no bounds. There are many changes ahead of you but, fortunately, you are in a ‘can do' frame of mind and look forward to meeting and dealing with challenges head on. Nothing daunts you and you can't wait to get started. Life is on the up and the Universe backs your wishes.

Libra Icon


23rd September - 22nd October

Relax, deep breaths and let life flow around you without getting caught up too much in the minute details of daily existence. You're being offered this time of peace to prepare for the next phase. Make the most of it. Two heads are better than one and someone offers their support for future plans. Together you build on past successes and have every chance of reaching the stars. Know you're more capable than you think.

Scorpio Icon


23rd October - 21st November

Feeling isolated? Use this time for quiet reflection. You already have the answers you seek; you just need to acknowledge them. From thereon you need to take charge. You have the all the resources at your fingertips to succeed but don't resort to manipulation or let yourself be manipulated. Several options open before you but you're encouraged to be realistic before deciding on your course of action. This is no time for flights of fancy.

Sagittarius Icon


22nd November - 21st December

Take time to enjoy your achievements to date neither showing off nor becoming complacent. Your hard work earns you admiration and respect and, willingly, you offer advice and assistance to others. You're the toast of friends, family and colleagues alike and there's plenty to celebrate. Time to party! New challenges arrive and you're more than ready to rise to the occasion as a restless mood overtakes you. The prospect of change enlivens and invigorates you.

Capricorn Icon


22nd December - 19th January

You come out from the darkness into the bright light of day. Don't fear the positive changes heading your way as opportunity knocks at your door. Move forward with confidence. A father figure provides emotional support and words of wisdom. Heed his advice as his experience and insight are invaluable. Don't give way to nagging doubts nor let worry cause you sleepless nights. Plenty of rest and relaxation are key to this period of transformation.

Aquarius Icon


20th January - 18th February

Current plans require a bit more effort from you in order to succeed. Nothing you can't handle. There are tears as one phase comes to a close and separation is the only way forward. Don't become despondent, recognise this as one door closing to make room for another opening. Commitments made now will resonate in the future so be careful what you agree to. Adhere to your standards and principles and all will be well.

Pisces Icon


19th February - 20th March

As one cycle successfully concludes another begins but which option to take? It's a balancing act and you swing wildly from one extreme to the other. Beware of someone profiting from your mind being in two places at once. Don't let anyone take from you something they have no right to. This phase is exhausting but keep going as your goals are in sight. Applying yourself and keeping your eye on the ball ensures success.